The Afternoon Dump: Cheating Is Allowed, A Cool Sponsor Event, Double Chins Are On The Rise, 5 Bad Deflowering Results, High Fiving A Blind Guy, A Clever Name Change




Well the above picture is what predicts the weather to be like tomorrow. So when the temperature is negative when I walk to class then there is problems. I mean come on, cars wont be able to start and nose hair will freeze. Purdue never cancels classes, I must accept it.


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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Should cheating on your spouse be kicked from the Super Bowl? [Vent About Sports]

The Beckham’s just like to be naked [Sports Crackle Pop]

You should be the sponsor of this event [Steady Burn]

One of the dumbest things you could ever do [Tasty Booze]

All the information you need about double chins [Holy Taco]

You can sacrifice for this [Tailgating Ideas]

This is a good way to promote something (could be NSFW) [on 205th]

This guy wants you to give him money, by me putting this on here you might be tempted to but you shouldn’t; it is just funny [uncoached]

The 5 worst things about taking the flower away from a woman [Co-Ed Magazine]

Everyone wants to see Tara Reid in a bikini [Celebslam]

Championship is well deserved [Poon of the SEC]

It is kind of hard to high five a blind guy [Next Round]

Yes! Chris is back [Mr. Irrelevant]

A bikini is all a girl needs in life [Celebridiot]

A clever name change [Machochip]

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