The 8 Not-Hottest Women Of The Australian Open

You won’t be seeing Sybille Bammer profiled in Maxim any time soon.

It’s been 189 days since Maxim garnered over 1k Diggs for its “Hottest Women of the U.S. Open” post.

So now, since that layup was so successful, sports bloggers will jump on the bandwagon and come up with every variation possible to capture viral madness.

Not us.

We’re thinking outside the box now that the Aussie Open is just 5 days away.

It’s about time WTA ladies without Maxim or FHM looks get a little publicity. BC knows you’d sleep with Sharapova and Ivanovic. But how far will you drop you standards to be with a professional tennis player.

Our similar Olympics post was so successful that the editors decided to bring you the “8 Not-Hottest Women Of The 2009 Australian Open.”

Timea Bacsinszky – Switzerland

Not that bad. More like a third-tier sorority girl with a huge schnoz.

Virginie Razzano – France

Nothing a 12-pack and a couple Jaeger Bombs won’t turn into an 8.

Lourdes Dominguez Lino – Spain

We’re not digging the crazy eyes. Maybe Maxim Photoshop guys can do something with Lourdes. Otherwise she’s on this list to stay.

Jie Zheng – China

To be honest, BC isn’t a big fan of the Chinese women with tan lines. Chinese chicks aren’t hot anyway and if you think so, face it, you can’t get a blond American woman.

Monica Niculescu – Romania

The boobs are pretty decent but Maxim isn’t budging on the face. Sorry, Monica.

Magdalena Rybarikova -Slovakia

Nearly taken off this list for showing so much skin but then we got back to the face and Magdalena moved right up into the top 8.

Akgul Amanmuradova – Uzbekistan

Yep, that’s a chick. Seriously.

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