Giants' Fans Unleash Verbal Abuse On Eagles' Fans


Date Posted: Jan. 12, 2008

Premise Of Video: It’s the NFC playoffs and Giants fan is getting tuned up for the big NY-Philly showdown. Asshole has a few drinks and decides it’s time to unleash his verbal assault vocabulary on Eagles fan, including an innocent woman who gets in line for the Port-O-John.

Climax Of Video: Dochey McSimms telling a woman to show him her boobs, then treating her like his first wife. It comes at the 1:00 mark and would never pass the NFL Fan Code Of Conduct.

Conclusion: The unemployed and uneducated can afford playoff tickets? We’re in the wrong business.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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