Giants Fan Destroys Porsche After Loss To Eagles


We hate to steal the 700 Level’s thunder on this one but figured you guys would like to see this video. 

First, let us say we have no idea who’s Porsche that is, but it has been burnt to a crisp and is being destroyed by a Giants fan after Sunday’s game against the Eagles at the Meadowlands.

The vlogger has a full report but doesn’t detail why this is happening or who owns this car.

Some tailgating tips…when tailgating – arrive early..try and park in a spot where there are not hot charcoals on the ground. If you do happen to burn your $150,000 Porsche and 2 other cars – go straight home – don’t claim it. Mark my words, no one will steal it, but they will attack you with that bat! This young man has some serious issues. A little counseling and a lot of Ritalin will do this kid some good. Could you imagine if it had a Pennsylvania license plate.

But this wasn’t the only car to be destroyed.

Phil Simms’ jersey-wearing idiot had it out with a truck, too.

Same vlogger, better details.

Giant fan upset over the G-mens loss to Philly decides to smash his car to pieces…and his leg.

Seems logical.

Team loses, time to destroy my ride home.

This wouldn’t be the first time a car has caught on fire after parking on hot coals at the Meadowlands. Remember the Car-Beque?


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