Daily Dump: Awesomely Horrible Sports Fashions Of 80s/90s, Eddy Curry Wants Sex From His Driver?, Jeter Doing Fine With Minka, Taylor Mays Coming Back, Win Gisele’s Jeans And Virgin Offered $3.7 Million





Ana going with the odd tie underwear 

Just one week until the BCS is officially put on notice.

Barack takes office one week from today and promises to bring down the hammer on universities who are obviously skirting U.S. antitrust laws.

Order #1 from the new President: squash the BCS and get some friggin’ money back into the economy.

Let us tell you straight up. Newspapers aren’t the only ones getting hammered by this advertising market.

We’re all for that porn bailout. BC needs some new advertisers flush with cash.

Know any? Or are you an advertiser?

Wanna talk business?


Today’s Dump: 

The awesomely horrible sports fashions of the 80s/90s [Legend of Cecilio Guante] 

Eddy Curry propositioned his driver for gay sex? [FanIQ/100% Injury Rate]

Screw this recession/depression – Jeter doing just fine with Minka [on205th]

Ladies: Win a pair of Gisele’s jeans [CelebSlam]

Taylor Mays coming back to USC? Why? [Rumors and Rants]

A message for men who are gay for Tebow [Next Round]

Athletes pick favorite Snow Bunnies of ’09 [Boosh Magazine]

If America sold G.W. Bush on eBay [Holy Taco]

Woman allows self to be married at Taco Bell [Angry T]

Today’s Tail: 

Virgin offered $3.7 million for sex, waits for better offers [Coed]

107-year-old woman looking for husband [Blog of Hilarity]

New clues there is something in U.K.’s milk [MoonDog Sports]

The economy sucks, time for bouncing chicks – 10 videos [Manofest]

Bianca went a little big with these puppies [GorillaMask]

10 Hottest Maxim Chicks of 2008 [Uncoached]

Note to self: get this issue of Esquire Greece [Flisted]

Brody Jenner and his latest piece of ass at the airport [The Daily Fix]

Genelia for FHM India [CamelTap]

So much Jenny Chu you’ll want it to stop (NSFW Ads) [Dirty Rotten]

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