A Better Look At Marlene, Kevin Duckworth's Ex And Now Girlfriend Of Blazer's GM Kevin Pritchard


That would be Mr. Pritchard, Portland’s GM.

Is it called sloppy seconds when you die and your former employer’s GM starts dating your live-in?

We’ll have to ask Sean Avery to clarify that one.

Anyway, With Leather was all over the Blazer’s GM Kevin Pritchard dates Kevin Duckworth’s ex story yesterday, which is riveting enough only to get better with full body photos of the 10-year dancing vet.

So to wrap this up before getting to the photos…the Blazer’s GM doesn’t mind going second to Kevin Duckworth.

We would mind. Duck was 7-foot, 400 pounds. You know what that means.

Even the usually placid Oregonian delves deeper into this Pritchard character, calling him “Golden Boy.”

Said one Western Conference GM of Pritchard on Saturday: “(Bleep) that guy, he’s walking around rubbing everyone’s nose in the deals he’s made and even with all those lottery players his team is still not in the playoffs.


This guy is quickly making his way up the prick meter. In the end, though, he’s dating an ex-dancer who looks like this.

Don’t be jealous.

[‘Duck’ had his day – Portland Tribune]



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