Yes, Erin Andrews Has A Sister Named Kendra & Dan Patrick Got To Hang With Both At BCS



Last Wednesday night we received a text message out of Miami from a source working the BCS Championship.

“Dude, did you know Erin Andrews had a sister?” Or something like that.

Yes, we knew that, was the response.

But there was never a really good time to bring Kendra (a professional dancer and a Florida State grad) into the fray – until now that Dan Patrick’s web portal over at SI is bragging that the former ESPNer spent his Thursday night in a luxury box with the infamous Andrews’ sisters.

Straight from the source’s handlers…

Dan watched the BCS title game with Erin Andrews and her sister in a private suite last night. Not bad.

So, of course over the last two days our stat counter started going nuts with “Erin Andrews Sister” searches.

You guys want to see? We put our little greasy freelance Indian researchers to work this weekend and have a few photos of Ms. Kendra.



Kendra for H2O magazine circa 2007. [Credit]

We’re not sure where to take this post because, let’s face it, you really just want to see Kendra and by now aren’t even reading anything about how she graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance.

Or that “she performed works by Lynda Davis, Alex Ketley, Brent Schneider, Jack Clark, and Millicent Johnnie. In addition, she danced for Dance Reparatory Theatre, the Golden Girls dance team, and PHLAVA Dance Co.”

While the professional dancer look is hot, we’re just not sure the muscular, “I’d beat your ass” look is for us. Not that we wouldn’t stop on a dime while watching BET if Kendra was in one of those ass in the air car wash videos.

BC has never wavered from the “Erin Andrews was put on this planet for a reason,” stance.

Still, this sister tandem is officially on the radar.

Thanks, Dan.





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