Daily Dump: Monday Morning Body Shots, Sharapova NOT HEALTHY!, $150k NFC Championship Game Tickets, 101 Hottest NFC/AFC Championship Cheerleaders, Stoops Did It Again And Know Sarah Mutch





Monday morning body shots for all courtesy of Dyana. 

Well, if you bet an Arizona-Philly NFC Championship prior to the 2008 season, enjoy your retirement.

Bonus points if you had the Cardinals hosting the friggin’ game.

The great thing about Arizona is that they aren’t your run-of-the-mill surprise team. Those units are usually missing story lines. Not this group. One more week of Kurt Warner is great for all of us. 

In basketball news, congrats to Wake for ripping out the hearts and minds of the Tar Heels.

But, what the hell is with playing a college basketball game that ends at 10:30 on a Sunday night? 

Today’s Dump:

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