From The Couch: Arizona Fan Brings Beer Bong To Game For Matt Leinart To Sign?

NFL Juice nearly choked up when he captured Beer Bong guy last night. 

Welcome to our new feature for 2009, From The Couch.

The editors don’t have time to dick around with YouTube video mashups that most will never watch. So, we’ve come up with the idea to DVR or actually watch sporting events and bring you screen shots of last night’s action via a camera, from our couches.

Hopefully we’ll have some obscure stuff that wasn’t via national TV channels.

Busted Coverage could use your help on this one. Have a shot from your television that deserves to be seen by the masses?

Take a photo and send it to us. We’ll make you famous.




You know, there is something about Arizona we like.

Maybe it’s the kooky religious nut throwing to a dreaded, stud wide receiver. Or handing off to a gold-toothed, Thug Life ® running back with the look of a South Florida convict.

It’s fun.

And we get another week of Will Leitch basking in the warmth that is Cardinals football.