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What One Man Did For 15 Years Of Wake Forest Football Tickets


You really have to love Wake Forest football to sit in a driving rain storm, wind and cold for 74.5 hours.

Wake, definitely starting a trend that will now sweep the nation, held a “Last Fan Sitting” contest this week to see which fan, obviously, would sit the longest inside the team’s stadium. 9 remained late this week as officials had to go to 2008 Wake trivia to determine a winner.

The victor’s take: 15 years worth of ducats.

(Bob) Yakos then won a Wake Forest football trivia contest to claim his prize, which is football seat rights and four season tickets to Wake Forest football games for the next 15 years. The university estimates the grand prize is worth about $22,000.

Could this possibly be worth the trouble?

The guy does have 3 boys who will now brag at school that they have Wake tickets if any ladies would be interested.

[Man wins 15 years of Wake football tickets]

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