NBC, San Diego Chargers Cheerleader Give Nipple Slip To Fans Around The World


Don’t blame San Diego Chargers fan for not being really focused on tomorrow’s visit to Pittsburgh.

It’s going to be cold, snowy, LT won’t play and the team seems destined to get a beating in the Steel City.

Maybe that is why message boards have been busy this week concentrating on a possible nip slip during NBC’s coverage last Saturday night. Our incoming Google stats show you pigs really want to see the scandalous shot.

We had the above screen image of the possible slippage, but bored San Diego fans took this scandal even further and did some zooming and cropping to get right in on double-exposed nip.

Yep, we’ve seen nip and that is solid brown nip.

It’s not full on Visanthe Shiancoe brown dong, but still enough to get the freaks writing letters to the FCC.

It seems we’ve come to the point where NBC and other broadcasters can’t show anything other than the field of play because you never know when nips or sausage will show up in your living room.

[1280 pixel zoom of Chargers’ cheerleader nip slip]