Daily Dump: Women Of Gainesville Celebrate BCS With Each Other, Words Tebow Should Write On Eye Black, OU National Champion Footballs, Rick Reilly Not Funny And Brooke Burke Looking Decent



 Yet another weekend, yet another woman who will avoid your advances – Fernanda.

So here we are in the middle of a pretty big snowstorm trying to figure out why having a little fun at the expense of the crying OU band member ruffled so many of you.

BC readers actually have a sensitive side, it seems.

Guys, you really need to loosen up. We make fun of all types of people, including our non-chick getting asses. 

And many of you will be happy to hear that the Unborn ads are finished later today.

Thank us later when we turn that money into hiring photographers to cover college undie runs.

Today’s Dump:

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