The Afternoon Dump: Facebook Randomness, US Troops Allowed To Drink, Maybe A Fake Beer Pong Video, 10 Things Under Tebow’s Eyes, Paris’s Hot Friend, Custom Palin Shirt





You either think one of two things about the picture above. 1: ESPN can’t spell 2:ESPN is trying to make a clever remark about the Florida Gators chomping their opponents. Which one is it? You decide.


Last night proved that Bradford shouldn’t have won the Heisman. I mean he didn’t do as good as Tebow if you include rushing yards in the statistics. I still think McCoy deserved it, but I guess my opinion doesn’t count.


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Afternoon Dump

People you don’t remember just like to add you on facebook [This is Illuminati]

Just a world of Sports Tweets [#s Blog Tweets]

U.S. Troops are allowed to drink for the Super Bowl [Vent About Sports]

Former Bronco player wants to be the new head coach [Sports Crackle Pop]

It goes Florida – -> Utah – -> ?? [Bright Black Internet]

I don’t think this video is real but you never know [Co-Ed Magazine]

Jennifer Love Hewitt was dumped, go get her guys [Celebslam]

10 optical illusions that you may enjoy [uncoached]

10 things you wish Tebow would put under his eye [Holy Taco]

“It doesn’t hurt to drink a little bit” [Tasty Booze]

Man, just take a look at Paris’s friend [on 205th]

Some funny motivational posters, makes you wonder [Brahsome]

The new type of rope swing [Next Round]

Someone got a custom Palin shirt [Mr. Irrelevant]

Do not go to this link,  I am warning you (ADS NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]

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