Stare At U. Of Florida Undergrad Danielle Wolfe

Update: You win the BCS Championship, we rerun the Ms. Wolfe feature. Also, don’t forget her 5 Questions. Riveting stuff.

Impress your wife/girlfriend with a Danielle Firefox browser

You might remember model Danielle Wolfe as the Florida undergrad who says she has never seen Tebow take a single sip of alcohol at Gainesville clubs.

Now Ms. Wolfe is taking her burgeoning career to the next level as an Internet browser model.

That’s right.

Check your bookmarks and for birthmarks at the same time.

The browser (Firefox) will feature different photos of Danielle so the experience will be like waking up to your wife/or girlfriend except this chick will be 20 and toned.

And if Danielle isn’t your type, Lauren is always available.

*Send all date requests to Dynasty Reps. Ask for Darren.