Daily Dump: Weee! Massive Amounts Of Florida Coed Photos, Trade In The BCS Crystal, Cal Ripken Retirement Streak Continues, Denise Milani Tries To Fit In And The Giant Ass On The Town





In honor of Florida’s win, Jessica in Gator blue. 

Exact text message sent out last night at the bar to friends of Busted Coverage:

“Tebow is about to win one for the kids and inmates.” 

There you have it, people, God willed that young man to victory. Spreading the gospel one QB keeper at a time.

Was God responsible for the goal line stand and the OU INT just before half?

We like to think that God had the Gators and the under, so yes, He made the OU offensive coordinator call a play that had just failed.

Running to the left side wasn’t exactly working. 

We feel like shit. Let’s get this party started. 

Today’s Dump:

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Like we said, GATOR GIRLS! 142, OF ‘EM! [Coed]

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Today’s Tail: 

Denise Milani doesn’t exactly fit into that dress [CamelTap]

This chick is named Polgar – no kidding [Uncoached]

Jewel should sue her plastic surgeon for that boob job [CelebSlam]

The Giant Ass hits the town in this pair of tight jeans (NSFW Ads) [Dirty Rotten]

One of these women doesn’t belong in this group [Don Chavez]

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Blogger really wants to know who this woman is – NOW! [World of Isaac]

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