Brittany Sumrall Johnson Is A Girl’s Basketball Coach & English Teacher Who Likes Young Boys, Family Says


 Uh, yes, we want it and it’s been too long. You? 

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a 26-year-old girl’s basketball coach who looks like this who just might be a child predator.

Meet Brittany Sumrall Johnson, the Kilbourne (La.) High School girl’s coach who’s racked up a 36-17 record over the last two years but just became more famous as the hot English teacher who has been sending sexually oriented messages to one of her students, says the boy’s parents.

News reports began flowing Wednesday in regards to Brittany Sumrall Johnson, 26, sending one of her eighth grade students questionable messages on MySpace since October.

The reports claim Johnson sent messages asking the 14 year old boy for sex.

Now, being the responsible news organization we are, there was some investigating into a MySpace page for Ms. Johnson.

We weren’t successful but other, more legit, outlets did our dirty work.



We did find the Facebook.

Not yet accepted as a friend. We’ll keep you up to date over the weekend on this request.

So exactly what were in those lurid messages.

Some of the e-mails stated: “And oh my gosh did u look hot! I can’t wait 4 u 2 play varsity (so) we can hook up on the bus on the way home lol!,”; “oh yea and in the closet, I so wanted to grab you and pull u in there and shut that door and take full advantage of you…”; and “has anyone ever told u that u have a fine a— and body?”


Jesus H. She wanted on the bus? This chick is wild and……..married.

Why doesn’t this ever happen to good guys like us? We’re of legal age, don’t mind doing it in moving vehicles and like closets.

Yours or ours. Name a time, Mrs. Johnson.

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