The Afternoon Dump: Pacman Jones Needs To Be Quiet, Jeff Van Gundy and College Sports, Two Gorgeous Girls, Useful College Applications, Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Looking Sexy


Phil sure does know his women

Sorry for the lateness and shortness of this. Have to love grandparents showing up and asking you to go eat. Can’t really say no to such a thing.

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Afternoon Dump

Pacman Jones now has audio online [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

How can you total such a nice car? [Sports Crackle Pop]

Jeff would never do this to college sports [Vent About Sports]

These two hotties look comfortable [Bright Black Internet]

Kirsten can drive you crazy [Celebslam]

For all of you college students, here are some useful aps [Dumb Little Man]

Now here is a Coed for you [Co-Ed Magazine]

Some awesome looking tornado pictures [uncoached]

JLH is back, that’s Jennifer Love Hewitt [on 205th]

Oh the joy of art school girls [Steady Burn]