IMPOSSIBLE! Arizona State Cheerleader, 23, Claims Men Won’t Ask Her Out & Has Never Had Boyfriend


Take a very good look at this Arizona State undergrad who just happens to double as a Sun Devils’ cheerleader.

She was born in 1986 so by our calculations based on birthday that would put her at 23. A little old for the college cheerleading circuit but 5 years at ASU is recommended these days.

Anyway, Janna was recently selected as the SI Cheerleader of the Week.

One of our loyal readers, Lawrence (probably on a halfway house Internet connection), writes in to get everyone’s opinion on this selection and to get to the bottom of Janna’s big secret.

Even we were stunned by her revelation.

Janna really opened up to SI in her 20 Questions.

My friends would be surprised to know that I:
Have never had a boyfriend.

Lawrence, BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich and ever single guy in the office cracked up laughing at this one.

No boyfriend! None that she would admit to, more like it.

Is it even possible to be a cheerleader and not be hooked up with a member of the basketball, track, swimming, soccer or God forbid the football team?

Wait, there is more greatness.

The craziest thing I’ve done in college so far is:
The craziest thing I have done in college so far was probably moving into a house with four baseball players. I don’t have any brothers so I had no idea what I was in for. Besides cleaning the house on a daily basis and sitting through hours of Halo, I absolutely loved living with them and would not have changed any part of that experience.

Now we have a cheerleader who’s never had a boyfriend yet lived with four baseball players.

Interesting, but really open up to us, Janna.

The worst date I ever went on was:
I do not get asked out on many dates, so that’s a tough one. The only one I can think of was Valentines Day this past year.

What the hell is going on out there in Arizona?

We have an intern that would be more than willing to date this chick. As a matter of fact, we’re contacting Ms. Janna to see if she’s ever been to Purdue.

Kevin The Intern is 19. It would be a perfect couple. He’s young. She’s never had a boyfriend. It would be like the blind leading the blind.


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