OH, It’S ON NOW! Tulsa Airport Gets Jump On Oklahoma National Champion Sales


In this crappy economy there is no use waiting until the outcome of the BCS game to start selling merchandise reflecting your home team as the winner.

Welcome to the Tulsa airport where they are already proclaiming the home team as “National Champions.”

Luckily for us, an airport worker snapped these shots that will obviously go viral by lunch and put Florida fans into message board rage.

The gift shop at airport I work at (Tulsa) decided to put this sign out today 01/06/09. Its amusing considering that the time the game won’t be played until 01/08/09.

Amusing? Yeah, now Tebow is going to rip out your hearts and serve them to his defensive line.

In a battle of merchandising wits it seems that the slow people from Oklahoma have out smarted the even slower people of Florida.

Kudos to Sooners’ Nation.

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