America’s Hottest College Freshman Cassie Keller Is Back With New Sexy Photos To Peruse



You guys still need proof that Cassie Keller is America’s hottest college freshman, so it’s Busted Coverage’s duty to win hearts and minds.

So far not a single commenter or emailer has sent a single photo of a college freshman to debunk our theory.

Onward we roll with our blogger-made college superstar.



Step up, boys.

You got some photos, we’re here to show them.

Until then, Cassie will hold the title. At least for a few more months.

In her latest photo dump we actually get to see nip without even having to search the Playboy archives, where she tells the magazine that after school she’d, “like to travel the world and work with people in developing countries.” So Tim Tebow-ish.

We also get some of those black and white bikini photos that all the chicks need in the portfolio.

It’s cool with us. Anything to help us get through another shitty day of losing money in the stock market is perfect.

[Catch Cassie in Playboy Lingerie Feb./March]



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