Vanderbilt Student Uses Brains, Talent To Make Lingerie Football League’s Atlanta Steam Roster


Other greats who wore/wear #4: Brett Favre

So women who play in the Lingerie Football League aren’t smart, right?

Put that myth to bed you chauvinistic pig.

Say hello to Christianna Aronstam, the newest member of the Atlanta Steam of the LFL.

This 20-something with a love of football is just your run-of-the-mill Vanderbilt University student who doubles as a lingerie football player.

Anyone up for a game of “Are You Smarter Than A Lingerie Football League Player?”

Our Vandy grad, front, with ball.

Let us just start by giving you some of the details on Christianna.


• Took classes at Stanford while still in high school.

• Degree in progress via Vandy (sports medicine)


French, Italian, Latin, Russian, Greek, English most days, some Spanish, some Arabic…


I was classically trained on violin and piano, but I don’t play anymore, haven’t since I was about 15.

World Travel:

I have lived in Egypt, Greece, Turkey, France, and Italy.


I was a competitive figure skater for like 18 years… Other than that, I like skiing, swimming, biking, running, scuba, diving, and tennis… Football is my favorite sport to watch.


Anything Shakespeare

Do you guys need any more proof that this chick would kick your ass in a battle of brains?

We’ve made Atlanta an early favorite for the LFL title because of this Christianna. She should easily outwit some of the bimbos from Tampa and Chicago.

Christiana – Model Mayhem

Christianna Aronstam


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