Jim Cantore NBC Logo Head Has People 'Stewing'

We’ve been trying to get this photo off our camera since New Year’s Day.

Jim Cantore. Weather Channel fame. Hurricane hunter. Working the 2009 Winter Classic.

NBC peacock logo right there on his forehead.

And for some strange reason, there are actually people who are not the least bit amused by Cantore’s desecrating the infamous logo.

Maybe next time we could get peacock in Jim’s chest hair.

Yahoo! Answers user penGoOin wants, obviously, answers to this disgraceful display of NBC propaganda.

okay. I’ve been stewing for a few days… I tried to let it go…

I just didn’t really see the point for him #1
#2 he was completely irrelevant, as was much of the commentary frankly.
and #3 he was like a weathery circus clown with the head paint.

what was his purpose??

His purpose?

Let us answer that.

The guy knows how to put on a show for the ladies.

He’s got this crazy body paint fetish, especially on his bald head. We’ve seen some underground (gayish) pictures (thanks to BC’s homo photo editor) where Cantore is allowing Warren Madden, of the Weather Channel, to paint fire danger charts on his Jim’s ass.

It’s pretty wild stuff even we wouldn’t post.

So get over this NBC logo debauchery. It could be worse.