Daily Dump: Celebrities Likely To Die In ’09, Oregon Cheerleader’s Daddy Phil Knight, Great Places To Take Dump, Terry Bowden Back And Manchester U.’s Hottest Fan





Kristin hits the beach. We yawn/stare. 

We’re guessing now it is the blacks and Mormons not welcome in Alabama.

Rock on, white people of Salt Lake City.

Now if only we had that playoff system we would get Florida/Utah (think of the stories here) and USC/Oklahoma.

That would be a kick ass weekend of football.

Bank on it, ESPN is busy preparing a system right now.

Today’s Dump:

5 Celebrities Likely To Die In ’09 [Holy Taco]

10 Great Places In World To Take A Dump [Uncoached]

Oregon cheerleaders know who daddy is – Phil Knight [Wiz of Odds]

We totally missed this one; Terry Bowden back to coaching [Friends of the Program]

In case you weren’t watching the Rose Bowl – (Song Girls) [Gunaxin]

Who exactly was on that Chuck Barkley bar bill [Don Chavez]

Blogger says this is Manchester U.’s hottest fan [Late For Mass]

Yeah, forget it, Frederica won’t be sleeping with you tonight [Coed]

In case you missed Stacy Keibler’s New Year’s outfit [CelebSlam]

We’re guessing Meghan has gone through plastic surgery [Salty Milk]

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