The Afternoon Dump: P. Diddy Can’t Party, Five Celebs That Might Die, Charles and DUI, New Year’s Cuties, Bigger Might Not Hurt Anymore, Cute Arizona State Cheerleader



I could never get enough of Sophia.

Another year gone, another one to being. Wow, makes me sound old but really I am not.

All I have to say is Colts, Colts, oh and Colts. I am getting pumped up for the playoffs.

Did anyone else watch the Rose Bowl yesterday? I thought Penn State would have done a lot better than that but I guess it just wasn’t there day. I hate USC, well not hate but more of a unfair dislike. They are always so good, seriously when was the last time they weren’t?

Go Hawkeyes, our Big Ten team that has won so far.

Afternoon Dump

It’s not fair that they cant party with P. Diddy/ Puff Daddy [Sports Crackle Pop]

How can a playoff team not sell out their stadium? [Vent About Sports]

Five celebs most likely to die in 2009 [Holy Taco]

The world is over now, K-Fed is no more [Celebslam]

This car will be worth millions [Salty Milk]

Charles Barkley = DUI [Brahsome]

Have to love the New Year’s Hotties [uncoached]

Everyone has the right to enjoy the beach [on 205th]

The best DC sports figures [Mr. Irrelevant]

Getting bigger? but wanting to keep the same pants? [Machochip]

Arizona State has some cute girls, well at least this one [Epic Carnival]

I really can’t stand this woman [Celebridiot]

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