Daily Dump: Cloris Leachman Is Dirty Rose Bowl Grand Marshal, Reggie Bush-Giant Ass Party, Throw Favre Under Bus, Shannahan Gets Beatles Song And Hot Russian Models





Our first advice of 2009: TAKE IT OFF, LADIES!

Yeah, our New Year’s Day was just like yours.

Nurse hangover, watch 15 minutes of the Rose Bowl Parade, become annoyed with Al Roker, turn TV to Outback Bowl, become annoyed that South Carolina and Iowa are playing on Jan. 1, wait until 1 p.m. EST for NHL’s Winter Classic, turn it to CBC to avoid Bob Costas, find Don Cherry his normal kick ass self, take 45 minute nap, wake up to find Coaches Corner and Cherry going off on junior hockey players, take another nap, wake up to Rose Bowl and suffer through that until the most sufferable game of the day – the Orange Bowl.

Horrible football, folks. These teams don’t even seem interested in the games. Jan. 1 has just become another day and that is sad for college football. 

Today’s Dump:

Cloris Leachman “Dirtiest Rose Bowl Grand Marshal” Ever? [Angry T]

In case you missed the Rose Bowl, watch the action in screen shots [TV Tan Line]

Your first Reggie Bush-Giant Ass post of the year [The Daily Fix]

Want to throw Favre under the bus, please step forward [Black Sports Online]

Mike Shannahan gets his own Beatles tribute song [Ryan Parker Songs]

If you follow UK futbol, you’ll get these Garrard jokes [Off The Post]

Still nursing a hangover from New Year’s? Here’s curing advice [Coed]

Nuts U.K. gets year started right with these lovely women [on205th]

For the BBB fans out there, Alice Goodwin [Uncoached]

Purchase your very own Russian hot model – not really [Holy Taco]

Speaking of hot Russian chicks – Maxim Russia found one [CamelTap]

A 2009 first: Female blogger tells how to eat woman’s taco [F-Listed]

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