Chicago Blackhawks Ice Dancers’ Legs Subjected To Winter Classic Wind Chills, Stares, Cameras

Harry Caray must be smiling upstairs.

It truly was a day of firsts for Wrigley Field.

Not only was it the first hockey game ever played at this historic park, but also the first time in history when NHL ice dancers were in the house.

Bare-legged ice dancers.

Just how Harry Caray would have liked them: young, skinny and wearing Bud Light sponsored 1987 basketball shorts.

We’re not really sure what the ladies were doing in the crowd other than making men stare and wives angry.

This Winter Classic just keeps getting better.

Invading storied American parks with a Canadian game and somehow working hot chicks into the equation makes this an emerging must-visit event for sports fans.

[2008-2009 Hottest Ice Dancers]


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