Busted Coverage's 2008 Is Officially Over


March 3, 2008: The photo discovery of the year.

This is it.

One full year of our lives down the drain. Morning after morning of waking up early to provide you guys with the obscure sports stories and hot chicks has been exhausting, but rewarding.

There are so many people to thank for bringing this operation to where it is today.

No special order as to not offend (if we forgot you, deal with it): Brock Landers, Jimmy Traina, Andy Gray, Mallory Rubin, Matt Ufford, Doug Sheckler, DJ Mick, Michael Cusden, Matt Gibbs, Don Chavez, Will Brinson, Kevin The Intern, David Freedman, Tree at ESPN GameDay, MacG, the team at Coed, all the guys at the HGOM Underground, the boys at Break, Holy Taco, CamelTap, CelebSlam, Deadspin, TV Tan Line, all the tipsters, etc., etc., etc.

And to all of you loyal readers, be safe and have a drunken New Year’s.

pistons_automotion_year_end.jpg ohio_state_naked_swim_year_end.jpg arizona_year_end_tempe12.jpg mellie_year_end.jpg hooters_orlando_year_end.png sasha_cougar_year_end.png bikini_madness_odessa_year_end.jpg danielle_year_end.jpg casey_year_end.jpg cabo_year_end.jpg beyor_year_end.jpg seattle_dancers_year_end.jpg playboy_beyor_year_end.jpg occ_year_end.jpg clipsal_year_end.jpgavp_boobs_year_end.png hooters_parking_lot_year_end.png blue_avp_year_end.png

croft_year_end.jpg hooters_canada_year_end.jpg grid_girl_issues_year_end.jpg

espn_mom_year_end.jpg ashley_sideline_year_end.jpg mellie_politics_year_end.jpg

wilson_year_end.jpg cassie_year_end.jpg cow_girls_year_end.jpg

bottoms_up_song_girls_year_end.jpg texas_song_girl.jpg cougar_song_girl.jpg

song_girls_40th_year_end.jpg song_girl_tat_year_end.jpg future_erin_andrews_year_end.jpg

ohio_state_song_girls.jpg tahoe_year_end_usc.jpg lindsey_songgirl_8_year_end.jpg

usc_swim_year_end.jpg texas_pole_dancers.png 2008_bio_smoke_jenna_480800_year_end.jpg

west_texas_am_cheerleaders_year_end.jpg kateykelly_usc_year_end.png olym_year_end.jpg

gysin1_year_end.png meg_bulger_year_end.jpg future_ea_year_end.jpg

aldridge_year_end.jpg erin_andrews_usc_1_year_end.jpg erin_andrews_zebra_year_end.jpg

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