University Of Oregon Cheerleaders Work Out Kinks Before Holiday Bowl Offensive Explosion

As captured during the 2008 Holiday Bowl parade.

Just another perk of being a male, Pac-10 cheerleader.

You are required to use those big, hot, sweaty man hands to work out the kinks of your fellow female cheerleaders who are just hours away from possibly the first college football game in which both teams break 100.

Just think of all that pom-pon shaking, stunting and push-ups these ladies are going to endure tonight (

Would someone tell us what happened to the once vaunted UO cheerleading team?

“I think it’s a great matchup of two great football teams that know how to move the football and obviously are challenged on defense and special teams to stop a great offense,” Bellotti said.

Now unemployed, don’t have a family and are tired of wasting afternoons watching ESPN First Take reruns?

Today is your lucky day.

CONSERVE ENERGY! It’s going to be a long night!