The Afternoon Dump: 6 Stores You Wish Closed, Lazy New Years Resolution, Lingerie Football League Photos, Brooke Burke Is Alive, Paris Hilton Has A Problem


Look at what Salty Milk found, a lesbian vampire movie

It is time, it is time for me to go back to Indiana. I mean tomorrow it is time to go back to Indiana. I will be leaving tomorrow morning for my 7-8 hour drive back north. I must leave this upper 50 degree weather for mid 30’s. Oh joy.

A new head coaching job is now available in Detroit. If you think you could do better than you may want to contact the Detroit Lions head office. I mean think about it like this, their old coach made history. Can you do better? No.

Feel free to email me your links, well I wont be posting tomorrow since I will be in the car but the next day would be nice. My email is

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

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