Daily Dump: 2008’s Greatest Cheerleader Crowned, OU Cheerleaders Are Fun, Beckett’s Drawers Yanked, Women Wear Beer Goggles, AJ Alexander Is Busting, Price Harry’s Chick Is Stacked And Denise Milani Chats


We’ve been fans of AJ Alexander for some time and continue down that path.

OK, anyone have the count on the number of times Chase Daniel’s family was shown on ESPN?

Yes, we get it. The perfect white family was excited. Ain’t no brothas family getting that much face time on the World Wide Leader this bowl season.

It’s the friggin’ Alamo Bowl. You aren’t supposed to be that excited.

If you are an Alabama offensive lineman who stands to make several million, do you really care about some stupid bowl game against Utah?

Screw it, go talk to an agent and miss the game.

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