The Afternoon Dump: NFL Refs Want To Play Too, Describe This Picture, Suelyn Looks Nice, Don’t Cheat, Unhappy Kid With Santa, New Application



I want some wine too with this uncoached hottie.

Yesterday was intense. I was at AppleBee’s watching the football games, pretty nice too. Every TV had a different game which was very handy. The Vikings field goal and Carolina’s field goal were at the same time on two different TVs next to each other. I watched one then had to scramble my eyes over to the other one.

I told all of my friends that the Colts wouldn’t lose another game once they beat New England, looks like I was right. Finishing a record of 12-4. Our record continues, 6 consecutive seasons of 12 wins. New England didn’t make the playoffs and I can’t believe the Chargers made it in with a 8-8 record, sad.

Seems like the blog world has been down lately, I have not been receiving any emails from you guys. My email is

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

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