Detroit Lions’ Fan Gets Consolation Prize For 0-16 Season, Poses With Packers’ Bikini Girls


Yes, a little blurry since it’s from a video.

The first images are trickling in of the Packers Bikini Girls in action during yesterday’s historic game at Lambeau.

The Bikini Girls, usually taking off their shirts during really important games, like playoff runs, were out in full force yesterday for a good cause.

The ladies were in the house to comfort Detroit Lions fan and to raise money for a good cause, reports the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

This year, they’re going with pink bikinis for breast cancer awareness. The plan is to charge a few bucks to have a photo taken with the bikini girls, with the proceeds donated to fight the disease.

Amanda, an artist from New Lisbon now living in Chicago, intends to donate all of her tips from Saturday night at her bartending job. Her plan was to drive up to Green Bay when she got off work at 3:30 this morning.

We figured showing up for Lions fan was good enough, but the ladies had to go and make money for an actual cause.


The ladies are worried their moment of fame is wanning but need to realize as long as there are bloggers, horny newspaper journalists and TV cameras, there will be an audience.

Pat Connors, father to Jen and Ashley, will be at the game, too. He’s sort of the girls’ manager, and a year ago he was tirelessly arranging their interviews and fielding pitches for product tie-ins, none of which came to fruition. He knew the clock of fame was running.

“It was like a gallon of milk. It was going to go sour on you,” he said.

Hmm, we’ve been looking for a few good spokemodels.

*Better photos of yesterday’s action? Send them along and we’ll help make you famous.

[Bikini Girls At Lambeau Post-Game]