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College Bowl Game Roundup: UNC Fan Has Puss-Tastic Tantrum And Miami Cheerleader W/ Huge Choppers

Like pretty much everyone who has a family, we were busy and missed nearly all of Saturday’s huge day of college football action.

So this UNC fan slipped through the cracks until this morning.

Our day Saturday of football consisted of trying to figure out how Paul McGuire still has a job and how Wisconsin got to a bowl game with that quarterback.

At least our Cal vs. Miami Bowl Game Cheerleader Showdown materialized.

Wait until you see the grill on this ‘U’ cheerleader. Cal wins hands down after seeing this chick.


Congrats to Cal student and photographer Bryan Tan for snagging these shots of the ‘U’ cheerleader, breaking down the myth that every single cheerleader to put on the Miami uniform is destined for Perfect 10.

We’ve seen better at the University of North Florida.




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