Daily Dump: Tom Brady Rings Gisele’s Finger, 11 Manliest Cocktails, Top 100 Boob Posts, Showtime Chicks And Don’t Miss UFC 92




Mercedes is hot and thanks to a TV station and pot bust, very rich. 

How about that 7-6, Motor City Bowl winning Florida Atlantic football team.

Simply riveting football last night out of Detroit.

Once again Michigan comes out the loser. 

UFC 92 tonight should be insane. Just look at the fights on the card.  This is easily the headlining sports event of the weekend.

Unless you really have your eyes on that 0-15 Lions team.

Today’s Dump:

In case you missed it, Tommy going to spend life with Gisele [TMZ]

75 pictures to serve as reminder to now taken Gisele [Gunaxin]

If Stoops wins BCS title he’ll get a cool quarter million [Sporting News]

Blogger reveals his Top 100 posts, nearly all involve boobs [on205th]

11 cocktails that will make you feel like a real man [Holy Taco]

Really desperate chicks turning to Craigslist for NYE dates [College OTR]

If you are into BBBs, Lindsey is perfect [Uncoached]

Lisa Rinna might want to rethink this Playboy thing [Derober]

The 10 Hottest Showtime Chicks [Manofest]

Forget it – Carolyn will not be in your life tonight [Coed]

No shit – this chick is a mom [Machochip]

We missed this – International Orgasm Day [Brahsome]

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