What Are Those Hands Doing In Erin Andrews' Pic?

Today got off to a good start.

Trainers giving oral sex, Lingerie Football League chick has nude pics posted to the Internet (we can’t find them) and it’s Friday.

Then a fellow sports blogger goes and rips off our ideas, repackages the story as his own and doesn’t even credit those who put in the effort on a daily basis to dig up this shit.

That site will then get a link on Fark and the original poster doesn’t enjoy even a reach around for getting up at 6 a.m. to beat your lazy asses to the good stuff.

So, if you’ve seen the above Erin Andrews’ picture before and want to make a stupid comment towards BC posting some old shot, go right ahead. It’s been one of those days and would be even better with a few smart asses showing up.

We had never laid eyes on this picture and enjoy it.

Full pic and bare thigh after the jump. (We have Christmas bills to pay off so click through.)

Erin Pageviews comes through on Friday, yet again [Credit]

As for real EA news, you will be seeing her next week at 8 p.m. EST working the sidelines of the Holiday Bowl.

She’ll be joined in San Diego by Chris Fowler, Craig James and Jesse Palmer.