Daily Dump: Technical Difficulties And Christmas Eve



One link for this morning – Jennifer. 

TimeWarner and our modem gave us an early Christmas gift this morning.

No service, hence no legitimate Dump at 7:30 a.m.

It’s also Christmas Eve (in case you forgot) so we’re going to shut it down for about 48 hours.

What a great year it has been. At this time last year Busted Coverage was about a month old and had about 125k monthly visitors.

BC is now pushing the 1 million visitors per month mark thanks to the dedicated degenerates like yourself who make this possible. Hopefully somewhere along the way we’ve made your horrible job, education, family life, etc. just a little more tolerable with hot chicks, stupid drunks and some sports sprinkled in.

Now go to the liquor store, stock up and ring in the holiday like a true BC reader.

Get bombed in front of your family – and don’t forget to have someone record it. 

Have a safe holiday.