Will Packers' Bikini Girls Be At Lambeau For Lions 0-16 Quest?

Packers Bikini Girls Update: The ladies showed up yesterday and were sporting pink bikinis. Check out the Bikini Girls posing next to this loser Lions’ fan.

It’ll be the most intriguing game of the week. No, not Denver-San Diego.
Try the Frozen Tundra.
Detroit-Green Bay.
The Packers have the chance to make dreams come true.
History will be on the line, it’ll be cold and the only question about this game is “Will the Packers’ Bikini Girls be there to witness history?”
Sadly, the ladies have been MIA this season but now the weather and TV cameras will be in town to make this one huge festive party.

History is on the Packers side in this one.
Detroit hasn’t won at Lambeau since 1991. Lions’ QB Dan Orlovsky was 8.
Even the Detroit Free Press is hiring writers to urge on the loss. And the guy is from the U.K.

It’s time for Lions fans to embrace the impending doom of 0-16; to stand up and revel in it; to shout from the rooftops: “We are completely and utterly useless, and we’re proud of it!”

As for the weather, right now the 10-day is calling for a high of 28 and lows near 15.
Perfect Bikini Girls weather.
For the Lions, at least this would be a consolation prize.




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