The Afternoon Dump: Jennifer Ellison Shows Skin, Deepest Throats, Wacking Off Is Now Okay, 15 Poses To Laugh At, Awkard Things, Excited Kids



Want to wake up with her?

What about the Purdue Boilermakers? Another solid win over another Indiana team, IPFW.

All I am hearing about is “Da Bears”, just so you guys know it is “the Bears” and they probably wont make it into the playoffs. If you don’t know about the mighty Texans then you have a problem. The Texans are actually a good team but with a tough schedule, I will pick the Texans in this game for sure. The Vikings will fall to the Giants leaving a two way tie between the two which is then decided by head to head. Both teams have one against the other. Which ever team doesn’t get the conference will not go to the playoffs because the Cowboys have a better record. I am still counting on the Vikings to upset the Giants.

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Afternoon Dump

Jennifer Ellison is looking good in the upcoming “NUTS” issue [Observation Bubble]

Some of the worse sports memorabilia one can own [Steady Burn]

Look who tops at number one for deepest throats [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

A curse of being a Denver Bronco fan [Vent About Sports]

Wacking off is now a sport, make sure you tell everyone [Sports Crackle Pop]

A film about beer pong, go watch it (Language might be NSFW) [Tasty Booze]

15 poses you can make fun of without even thinking hard [uncoached]

If you get this cannon then your life will be easier [on 205th]

Have to love when things get awkward, it is a part of life [Co-Ed Magazine]

She is popular [Celebridiot]

Which kid will win the award for being creeply excited on Christmas morning? [Next Round]

The lip is coming back to the NFL [Mr. Irrelevant]

This “Hills” star has a new boyfriend, kind of looks like your friends girlfriend (ADS NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]

It’s time for the Christmas season, so that means it is time for the Christmas Cheerleaders [Epic Carnival]

Goal of the day, these things can get exciting [Machochip]

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