Lunchtime Lust: Arancha Bonete Has Perfect Skin

Arancha Bonete – See more hot women
We’ve teamed with the folks at Chickipedia to bring you a great way to spend your lunch hour. This waste of time is called “Lunchtime Lust” and will feature a hot chick each day at noon EST.

From The Arancha Bonete File:

Age: Like it matters

From: Spain, where hot chicks drool over Nadal-like men

Job: Something about boobs, Playboy, a camera

Assets: Legs women would give up shopping for a year to own

Skin: Ideal, creamy white with a hint of Latin America.

It’s Friday. If you haven’t already blown off work for the golf course you are a loser. But you can always waste your day dreaming about Ms. Bonete whispering in your ear at the club tonight.

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