Have An Extra $148,239? Buy A BCS Luxury Box

We’re not sure what moron out there would purchase a $148,000 BCS Championship Game luxury box through StubHub, but then again, look at all those people that trusted Bernie Madoff with their money.

Just when you think the economy sucks to the point of rich people cutting back on their college football ticket budgets, this deal comes along.

Dolphin Stadium beer prices: $7 

This is a 40-person luxury box deal and that is about as far as the details go for this one.

That comes out to $3,700 per person. For a cool $10k it seems doable to get you and the wife down to Florida and a ticket to the game.

Even costlier is a private luxury box to the BCS. At $92,650 for the box and 18 tickets that will run you $5147 per person.

Our esteemed advice:  Go for the 14 person box for $55k because it includes food and beverage. That’s roughly $4k per person but we hear the hotdogs taste much better than regular stadium franks.

[StubHub BCS Tickets]

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