The Afternoon Dump: Linebacker Gets Tackled, Hot WAG Is No Longer Engaged, Megan Fox Is Sexy, Hottest Cheerleader, Best Eye Patch, Behind The Scenes


Purdue to Atlanta.

Reporting from the big ATL of Georgia. I drove down here yesterday after a long week of finals. Hopefully no one doubted me on returning for the ‘Afternoon Dump’. Finals week at Purdue is one of the most stressful weeks one can have during college, well of my experience. Crazy to think that I have been in school for 3 whole semesters now.

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Have a good day guys.

Afternoon Dump

Never run onto the field to tackle a linebacker, not a good idea [Vent About Sports]

This gorgeous WAG is now single, better pick her up while you can [Sports Crackle Pop]

No surprise about Megan Fox [Co-Ed Magazine]

Pamela Anderson is aging, now look what she looks like from behind [Celebridiot]

A good guide to picking out movies for the holiday season [Salty Milk]

Maybe this is the hottest cheerleader out there today [on 205th]

Certain television show concepts would never work out in real life [uncoached]

Is this Grinch scary? [Cage Potato]

So who looks the best wearing an eye patch? [Next Round]

Redskins and Eagles-behind the scenes [Mr. Irrelevant]

Goal of the day [Machochip]

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