Daily Dump: Marisa Miller Stars At Gamer Awards, Pirates Sign Iraqi Shoe Slinger, Hottest Tennis Player, Vida/Kim Ass Off And Hot Cheerleaders As Santa



Her name is Rhian Alise, and she’d like to see your bank account. 

So many links for hot women today there wasn’t a slot for Miss World.

Last night’s Kornheiser count: about 5 minutes.

The entire ESPN team needs to be imploded.  Bore-fest begins by the start of the second quarter when Kornholer has run out of his prepared lines.

It’s good the Browns got their fill of nationally televised football games this year because that won’t be happening again.

That ESPN bowl show last night was a complete bore. Do we really need to power rank the bowl games? 

Maybe you noticed the house ads? Blogger tourney is just days away. 

Today’s Dump:

Vida and Kardashian have ass-off on carpet at Gamer Awards [Don Chavez]

20 of the hottest cheerleaders wearing Santa outfits [Manofest]

Obvious: Pirates sign Iraqi journalist, shoe thrower [Bugs & Cranks]

It’s cold, miserable and winter – time for hottest tennis player [Gunaxin]

Now this is how you celebrate a soccer goal [Rumors and Rants]

Make some cash this bowl season with T-Roc’s picks [Cuzoogle]

Gift ideas for idiot athletes and owners [Splog]

Extremely flexible women for some reason [AfroJacks]

The wall clock for the man that has a (sex) life [Holy Taco] 

Mom puts Christmas want ad in paper to find woman for son [Next Round]

Today’s Tail: 

Marisa Miller teases gamer nerds at awards show (NSFW Ads) [Dirty Rotten]

So who are those fans of Ms. Miller? [Derober]

No sh!t! This chick is a Mexican newscaster (NSFW Photos) [Machochip]

Sweater kittens are our favorite pets [Coed]

The friggin horror! Jessica Alba in mom jeans [CelebSlam]

A late Christmas present for dad – Rosie Jones 2009 calendar [on205th]

Men, boys and infants are pigs – stare at women [Uncoached]

10 hottest chicks in Christmas movies [World of Isaac]

Hillary Duff does Maxim ’09 [CamelTap]

Some UK chick getting plugged at Virgin media event [Hollywood Tuna]

Gamblers awarded with boners in Vegas – Electra deals [Banned in Hollywood]