Bia And Branca Feres Are Back With Popsicle Photos, Bikinis And New Show On MTV Brazil

Continuing Team Feres Twins News: Bia and Branca do some acrobatics for MTV Brazil.


About a month ago we alerted the English speaking U.S. sports blogosphere about the upcoming Bia and Branca Feres ‘show’ on MTV Brazil.

Since that moment the search has been on for new photos of the world’s hottest twin synchronized swimmers.

We’ve spent the better part of the last two hours trying to translate the latest news out of Brazil concerning this new show.

A gêmeas Bia e Branca Feres já conhecida no esporte por fazerem parte da equipe de nado sincronizado, agora fazem parte da equipe de VJs da MTV Brasil. Elas vão apresentar o “Dicas MTV”, que estreou hoje, dia 15 de dezembro e trará as duas gatas dando toques incríveis para a mulherada neste verão.

If you dabble in Portugese to English translations, have at it.

Otherwise all we can offer you guys are the latest and greatest photos from this awesome new show that we’d watch on mute and just read lips.

Bia and Branca video and photos after the jump…


bia_and_branca_mtv_2.jpg bia_and_branca_mtv_3.jpg bia_and_branca_mtv_4.jpg bia_and_branca_mtv_5.jpg

bia_and_branca_mtv_6.jpg bia_and_branca_mtv_7.jpg bia_and_branca_mtv_8.jpg verao-046.jpg

verao-044.jpg img_9778.jpg verao-020.jpg img_9506.jpg

galeria15.jpg verao-007.jpg

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