Bia And Branca Do Acrobatics For MTV Brazil


Like any good news outlet we are all over this developing Bia and Branca ‘do MTV Brazil’ story.

Our researchers have been busy translating Portugese Web sites and BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich has been eyeballing dozens of Feres Twins pics to bring you the very best.

And the fat, gay guy has delivered even more of the Bia and Branca action for your afternoon pleasure.

Thanks to all of you for making Busted Coverage your English home for everything Feres Twins. That restraining order should be in the mail any day now.

3076534246_85822a6475.jpg 3075713601_02af46464f.jpg 3076530230_cd4480fcf2.jpg

3076533118_d90075234c.jpg 3076552202_22ff78c407.jpg

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