Bengals Fan Gives Son Early Christmas Gift: 2-3 Minutes, Elbow Action With Cheerleaders

We look at hundreds of cheerleader photos every single morning and have no idea how to make a post out 95% of the time.

Most of the pics are just some random dude snapping off a shot for his buddies back home.

This time we got goofy ass Bengals fan and his kid going to see a 1-10-1 team, in bone chilling temperatures, face the ‘packed it in’ Washington Redskins.

What could possibly be the reason for attending such stupid NFL games? Cheerleader photos, of course.

And this kid even got the chance to rub elbow against a real life NFL cheerleader, albeit, an ‘8’ from Cincinnati.

Life is officially good for these guys.

* Who Dey Revolution is at it again. This post was a blatant attempt to bring up the Bengals who had their urinals splashed with these nice cakes over the weekend.