Cleveland Browns Fan No Longer Welcome To Drive Motorized Couches To Games?

Lazy Browns fan beware.
Your days of breaking out the motorized couch, picking up a few buddies and hitting the roads to the Muni Lot could be coming to an end.
A groundbreaking court case gets going today pitting the Go Kouch (seen above) against Cleveland police.
As if being losers on the field isn’t bad enough, now tailgating traditions are facing scrutiny. At least the owner of the Go Kouch, Mike Meredith will fight the charges, according to the Plain Dealer.

On Nov. 23, (the driver) joked around to the officers at the entrance to the Muny Lot that he was driving his buddy to the stadium (he didn’t have tickets himself.)

“They laughed and waved me through,” he said. “We were like, ‘Really? You’re going to let us go?’ ” So he kept driving, past several other cops who laughed, until he was stopped on East Ninth Street by an officer who didn’t find it funny.


The Go Kouch makes an appearance in middle of video.

All it takes is one humorless officer to ruin the fun.

He got slapped with two tickets and, of course, a Browns loss. The following week, he rode around the Muny Lot with a coffee can and a poster board displaying the citations. Tailgaters gave him nearly $500 to cover the fines.
But Meredith says the money will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation instead. “I started thinking about it. We go down there to have some fun. Why not just turn this into a positive?”

The guy has even prepared a defense for today’s trial. He walked the route and took photos of all the police who waved him through.
Suck on that, Cleveland court system.
If Mike is found guilty he plans to do community service for his crime.


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