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It Figures: Visanthe Shiancoe And Penis Party At Cream


Visanthe Shiancoe’s 15 minutes of penis fame has yet to subside.

The Star-Tribune’s gossip columnist is giddy about Dan Patrick possibly working in an ‘equipment manager’ reference during tonight’s NBC broadcast.

CJ also tells us about the Minny porn industry.

“…websites have had items about how Shiancoe looks like a natural for the adult film industry — after his NFL days are over, of course. I’ve been told that more of that industry than we might imagine is based in the Twin Cities.”

Really? The only thing with “porn” and “Twin Cities” that we could find was a substitute charter school teacher checking out some T&A the other day while working in the classroom.

Getting back to Visanthe, BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich called last night to tip us off to Mr. Shiancoe and his penis partying at Cream.

So many innuendos for the gay community.


Totally unrelated but we just had to show you this chick with Dampier.

Cream happens to be a Minneapolis nightclub where all the top athletes in town like to hang.

You know the type of place. Being really white and unhip won’t get you paste security.

If you dress in the following way, you won’t be partying with Visanthe, according to Cream rules.

Like you are going to a picnic in shorts and a ballcap, or like you’re coming from the gym in sweats and sneakers.


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