Tim Tebow, Barack Obama, George Bush, Jerry Jones And 16 Great Moments In Heisman Trophy Posing History

Early one morning back in July we were enjoying some tea, listening to European tunes and looking for off-season news on Tim Tebow.
Yeah, pretty gay.
We figured out Tebow had been in Chiang Mai on one of his missions and after a quick search, discovered him doing the Heisman pose – with an infant. That is trust, but this is Superman.
It seems that everyone is doing it. The Heisman pose down.
This just happens to be Heisman weekend where all eyes will be on Tebow as he looks to thank God, again.
We get the pose down party started with “16 Great Moments In Heisman Trophy Posing History.”















And….your 2008 Heisman Trophy Winner

Tim Cowlishaw Grips Bare 20-Something Shoulder
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