The Afternoon Dump: Bon Jovi Ruins Life, Prison Uniforms, This Couple Sucks, A New Way Of Sleeping, Carmen Electra Getting Naked


You wish you could wake up with Gemma

I finally cracked, I am now using the vista sidebar. I have the best widgets possible: time, calendar, notes, pictures, gas prices, and the best one of all, Wikipedia search.

I am going to have cut today’s Afternoon Dump short because I have a lot to do today, sorry guys.

Email me for tomorrow though and remember I do the Afternoon Dump so that means I need the links by 3:15PM, my email is

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Bon Jovi seems to just ruin everything in the world [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

The new hockey uniforms: prison outfits [Vent About Sports]

A messed up kick, how would you describe it? [Sports Crackle Pop]

It is time for the SI clicksy award [Co-Ed Magazine]

Everyone hates this couple [Celebslam]

This is just a crazy way to sleep, go to a tree and try it [uncoached]

Everyone has a rap song, even Predator [Holy Taco]

Carmen Electra is going to get naked in Playboy [on 205th]

Paris Hilton thinks she is smart, now that’s impossible [Epic Carnival]