Australian Open Tourney Director On (Camera Blaster) John Daly: "He Smashes It Every Time He Can"

In case you didn’t hear or just don’t follow Australian Open golf, our hero John Daly is at it again.

This time he has made headlines Down Under for taking a spectators camera and, frankly, treating it like an empty beer can.

Suddenly the Aussie Open matters in the U.S. thanks to this Reuters report on the incident.

Daly snatched the camera from a spectator who tried to take his photograph after he had pushed his tee shot into the rough.

Daly slammed the camera into the trunk of a tree and local media reported he told the spectator: “You want it back, I’ll buy you a new one”.

Atta, boy.

As seen above, the tournament director goes on television to defend Daly and to give us the verbal highlight of the day.

At the 1:35 mark. Parenthesis are courtesy of BC.

“I just love to have him here (we sell tickets). He’s a diff

erent golfer (fat, drunken)”

“Fans like different golfers (not the same white guy who looks like he should sell insurance).”

“John Daly is different and he smashes it every time he can and the fans love it.”

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